I’m still under the impressions of what I read in an article about father Isaiah, Abbot Ilinje monastery near Sabac.
Father Isaiah said: „We do not do exorcism, this is a service in which we help the sick. But already you’ll see – he says enigmatically.“
Article autor was asked by father Isaiah later after the ceremony: „Is this an exorcism or not?“
For those who believe, it’s an exorcism. Today, the father Isaiah is one of the few people who have the power of expelling evil lord.
During the ceremony, near the altar was a few sick or possessed. Two young men were kicking and grinning laughing silently, one of authors of the paper looked into the eyes of a demon. The next day he had a slight glance.
One of the present wretched disfigured face „to her he did,“ „who,“ „so that it enters into them.“
It seems to be one of the unlucky when it was most needed at the beginning of the ceremony screamed. During the reading of the Gospel, chanting „Lord have mercy“, „she cried and sobbed distorted voice, deep, muttering unintelligible language.“ One moment he yelled: „Why do you keep torturing me“?
The ritual lasts for four hours.
„When you’re a fourth time all crouched, holding each other, and those closest to the priests Isaiah and Dragorad with their heads under their robes, as all of us in the church with a brush dipped in oil after each crouch drew a cross on the forehead and hands, approached the unfortunates caught her hands and head. cried a little, and she calmed down, knelt down, yet it held so little, and moved to the corner and sat quietly reading three Gospels … “ Слика


О Sam uradi

Najveći uspeh u životu: Srećno oženjen, otac dvoje divne dece. Zvanje: Pravnik. Profesionalno iskustvo: Prevodjenje sa engleskog i francuskog jezika, spoljno-trgovinsko poslovanje. The greatest success in life: Happily married, father of two wonderful children. Occupation: Lawyer. Professional experience: Translating of English and French, foreign trade.
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