Hen or egg?

A little more about the relationship between science and religion.
The age-old philosophical and scientific uncertainty „over what is a chicken or the egg?“ finally resolved.
Scientists from the University of Sheffield and Warwick are based on OC-17 protein, which is found only in the ovaries of hens, concluded that the egg could not occur without first conceived in the chicken.
It means that an hen is older.

Personally I’ve never had this ancient dilemma. Given that the Creator has create everything against his providence, man, animals and plants. How he created man and animals by the Book of Genesis, it is clear that the egg is first created, but the hen.

Even when the science harmony with religion in terms of consequences, controversy remains about the causes.

Scientists now believe that the chicken came before the egg, but not as a result of God’s creation, but because of the above reasons, British scientists say.kokaijaje



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