It is really difficult to understand the actions of people who raise their hands to themselves.
It might also be understood, but such actions should never be justified.
Attached is a picture of a young Tibetan Jumpa Jeshie who inflamed himself and later 28.03.2012. died in New Delhi because of the visit of Chinese President to India.
We are all children of one Father, the entire human race from Adam and Eve to the present and all future generations, we are all created in God’s providence.
In this sense, no man is the owner or his body, even his soul.
Any man’s life is not his own property, that life is breathed through the Holy Spirit, one of three faces of God.
Sin is to take something that someone else is, in one of the Ten Commandments is clearly given to man by God, through the prophet Moses on Mount Sinai. All needed to a man to live properly, is given in stone tables and has a commanding, compelling character.
This commandment is „You shall not want anything that is other people.“ So not even want, let alone take something someone else is.
God says that in the first place may not even want such a thing, because the desire is the beginning of sin if you let it grow.
Such desire which man due deceptive sweetness while thinking about her leave, the time relationship with a man’s body as it leaves the body, „pregnancy“, a body of men „pregnant“. Embryo that evil, man carries will come into the world, the evil offspring will be a sin.
Raising his hands to himself, the man does not take himself only life, but also makes a great sin by taking something that was not his own.
Each man paid dearly, every life is too expensive, life is priceless.
We must not forget that Somebody crucify himself on the cross to give the joy of life and humanity.
Finally, when man kills the body which is not belong to him, where his soul will go to, what is most important?
We should not be afraid of those who kill the body, should be afraid of the One who can both, body and soul to kill.
It can only be one who has the soul of a man previously breathed, his breath with life itself.Слика



О Sam uradi

Najveći uspeh u životu: Srećno oženjen, otac dvoje divne dece. Zvanje: Pravnik. Profesionalno iskustvo: Prevodjenje sa engleskog i francuskog jezika, spoljno-trgovinsko poslovanje. The greatest success in life: Happily married, father of two wonderful children. Occupation: Lawyer. Professional experience: Translating of English and French, foreign trade.
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  1. Kayla каже:

    Thanks a lot for the blog article. Really Great.

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