The story about my mother

My mother was born between the Great and Little Assumption 1928th or 1929th year. The exact date her birth was never known for sure because all the church books were burned during the offensive on the mountain Kozara in the Second World War. Native village called Gunjevci and is located at 9 kilometers from Kozarska Dubica in the Republic of Srpska. It was a large village at the foot of Kozara with the Orthodox Church, Serbian peasants settled. I remember that my mother told me that he had over three hundred houses. Today there is no thirty. According to recent census was 230 inhabitants. In June, namely 10.06.1942. when the offensive began on Kozara, my mother with her mother, father, brother and two sisters was taken to the Ustasha Jasenovac concentration camp where was killed more than 700,000 people. Independent State of Croatia, in cooperation with the German occupiers working on a complete extermination of the Serbian people in their own territory. He was taken almost the entire Serbian people from the area. Unarmed men, old men, old women, women and children. They were taken because they were Serbs of the Orthodox faith. And now the old women in the villages under mountain Kozara wear black head scarves as a sign of lifelong mourning and grief for their own love most. From Krnjajić whole family, as it was my mother’s maiden nameonly she survived. It survived thanks to God and the perseverance of her aunt, who was a Catholic nun. This aunt came every day with a bottle of hot brandy to persuade drunk Ustasha who was a camp guard wire to give her at least one child. After several consecutive, daily attempts drunk Ustasha relented. He shifted my mother over the camp wire. Thirteen-year old girl was rescued. The mother was not allowed because of the Ustasha raids and persecution to stay with an aunt. She had to return to the deserted fireplace. Everything was burned, rural roads and trails went wild animals. There was no sign of living man. She hid in the hay barn on his barn. From there, she watched during the days infested village. Occasionally were visited by a group of drunk Ustasha butchers … they were returning for all that could still be alive …
She stayed so in the hay hidden feeding on leaves and moss until in the burned village was arrived Proletarian 5th Krajina Brigade. Partisans took her with them. She became a partisan nurse and gone all the great battles of the National Liberation with famous Brigade, Sutjeska, Neretva … She greeted end of the war and paid dearly freedom. I write this because the past must not be forgotten.
LogorTo my mother with love.

О Sam uradi

Najveći uspeh u životu: Srećno oženjen, otac dvoje divne dece. Zvanje: Pravnik. Profesionalno iskustvo: Prevodjenje sa engleskog i francuskog jezika, spoljno-trgovinsko poslovanje. The greatest success in life: Happily married, father of two wonderful children. Occupation: Lawyer. Professional experience: Translating of English and French, foreign trade.
Овај унос је објављен под Holocaust, Life и означен са , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . Забележите сталну везу.

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