Consume an apple with the skin or without?

Some experts argue that regardless of whether you store apples picked from own breeding or buying them at the store in winter, they keep the nutrients even longer storage.
The amount of vitamin standing getting smaller, especially when talking about vitamin C. Apple is one of the few foods that tolerate long-term storage without significant loss of quality. This has enabled modern technological methods of storage in a controlled atmosphere, and unless controlled atmosphere and low temperature storage is used and some waxes in micron coating of stored apples from drying out. For some types of domestic, antique apples, such a „greasy“ layer is of natural origin and keeps the apple from dehydration. If the substance to polish applied during technological processing and sorting apples, remove them with lukewarm water as possible, because in this way, and applied to the apple. Since it is inert compounds and sediment that micron-sized and able to be removed by washing, there is no need to avoid eating apples with the skin on, experts say.

But in an article in this year newspapersapples, apples are on the black list of products that contain the highest amounts of pesticides. At the same title lists a dozen foods, with an apple on top. Analyses were reportedly shown that apples, with 98% of contaminated samples, the most polluted fruit (analyzes were made after washing and peeling). The reason for treating apples with such a quantity of pesticides is to enable longer storage. In addition to apples, as well as foods with the most pesticides listed are: celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, nectarines,
grapes, peppers, potatoes, blueberries, lettuce and kale.

What to do? Who to believe?

Simple, common sense. It is certain that almost everything we consume a certain amount of harmful substances (sometime more, sometimes less). To be adhered to hygienic standards and food thoroughly monitored. To buy seasonal fruit and vegetables, and those raised in the vicinity of (domestic) for it on the market and on the shelves comes in a shorter period of time (from harvest) and it is therefore less treated with anti-rot, etc. Of course, there are foods grown compliance with environmental principles. If you can afford them (usually quite expensive compared to others), this is definitely a good choice.


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