The Story of Millie

A wise head, said: „Nothing human is alien to me.“
When things like this happen, there is hardly a normal human head which could understand.
Mili, stray dog are amputated off all four paws. For days she lay beneath a parked car until she was noticed by a woman who was passing by. She was frail, frightened, without water, exhausted.
She quickly received help and Mila now walk independently on dentures. Mila is now happily in foster care.
This is just one of the stories in which human kindness won. What is a lot more of the stories where was victory of human evil?
Devastating is the thought that people who did this walk the streets every day with us, we encounter them every day not knowing what kind of monsters and psychopaths they are.
Unfortunately I am pessimistic because I think that these people, I say people because not a one man could have done it, will never be brought to justice in order to be tried and duly punished.
There will be not found and punished as long as our conscience will be at that level to realize that those same people could be able to do and to people what already making to dogs.
The only one who loves you more than himself is a dog. Such a pretty picture of the dog rose dog owners who walk their pets without a leash.
These dogs do not have to be big to be scared child or an adult, even if they intend to play with the passers-by. That’s why everyone should own their dogs on a leash to lead.
After the fear of frightened passers-by and eyewitnesses, will come indignation and anger. The anger is more articulate and more streamlined to the dogs than to irresponsible owners. Unfortunately again, innocents are guilty.
I’m not saying that the fault of the dogs does not exist. Many times you can hear and read in the media that stray dogs bites girl, child or man.
The key question with which people rarely face, where are so many stray dogs on our streets from? Why they are not in other countries?
Lack of shelter for dogs without an owner is just an excuse to us so we can easier to seek excuse for our own conscience. Stray dogs are generally more a result of human negligence. These packs of stray dogs are man-made.
Today, when we have asylum in our city a few days ago I was on the street in passing accidentally heard the voice of weepy woman who was holding her dog in her arms and talked to an acquaintance: „I know that for sure, in the shelter are struggling them with hunger and thirst until they die“ .Milapas_f

О Sam uradi

Najveći uspeh u životu: Srećno oženjen, otac dvoje divne dece. Zvanje: Pravnik. Profesionalno iskustvo: Prevodjenje sa engleskog i francuskog jezika, spoljno-trgovinsko poslovanje. The greatest success in life: Happily married, father of two wonderful children. Occupation: Lawyer. Professional experience: Translating of English and French, foreign trade.
Овај унос је објављен под Dogs and people и означен са , , , , . Забележите сталну везу.

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