Only one thing is needed – It should just to live

St. Luke writes that the Lord said to the Holy Martha, the sister of Lazarus and sister Mary Magdalene: „On the way, Jesus entered a village, (Bethany) where he was a woman named Martha received into his house. She had a sister called Mary (Magdalene) who sat at the feet of the Lord and heard his word. Martha was too busy serving. She approaches him and said: ‘O Lord! You do not care about anything that my sister has left me alone to serve you with? Tell her to help me! ‘ ‘Martha, Martha! – The Lord said to her – worried and troubled about many things and only one thing is needed. (Luke 10:38-42).

One of the sayings of our Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric says: „There were so many things in life which we feared. And it should not. It should just to live.“

I think these two thoughts are very similar. The first has a spiritual character, and the other secular. Come to think of it, are almost identical. Separated by time distance of two thousand years, but their motive is almost the same. Both were pronounced in an advisory sense that their application every man went through life easier. The only problem in both cases is difficult application in practice.


О Sam uradi

Najveći uspeh u životu: Srećno oženjen, otac dvoje divne dece. Zvanje: Pravnik. Profesionalno iskustvo: Prevodjenje sa engleskog i francuskog jezika, spoljno-trgovinsko poslovanje. The greatest success in life: Happily married, father of two wonderful children. Occupation: Lawyer. Professional experience: Translating of English and French, foreign trade.
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